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Are We Too Picky?

If you hear someone tell you that a repair shop always seems to find problems when they take their car in…that may not be a bad thing. We’re picky, and with good reason. That’s really what you hire us for anyway, isn’t it?, our attention to detail? Just imagine your doctor conveniently “missing” that lump at the last checkup. How good is that for your wellness?  The car manufacturers call it “preventative maintenance” for a reason. We help you prioritize any concerns that we identify and determine if they require monitoring, or immediate attention.

We often tell new customers: “Don’t be surprised if the technicians point out a few things your last mechanic didn’t, we are very thorough”, but again, that’s our job, and we are good at it.

Don’t mess around on maintenance inspections. It’s really important for the long-term health of the car, your investment and your safety. Our technicians have lots of experience and training, this isn’t a quick lube with teenagers fresh from flipping burgers working on your car. We are professionals.

Essentially, if you don’t maintain your car, it’s sort of like running out of gas. Sooner or later you will be walking. The “savings” you thought you had saved by not maintaining your car, in reality is a continuous withdrawal from your “car’s bank account”. The value of your car is depreciated rapidly and the reliability threatened. Modern cars maintain their value well because of better quality and engineering, but only if maintained properly using quality parts and fluids. We point out these critical maintenance requirements and YOU CHOOSE whether to remedy them or not.

We believe in being pro-active, identifying potential problems, keeping an eye on the condition and recommending only when it’s in your best interest.

If we speak in terms that you don’t fully understand, please stop us. Education…that’s what we’re here for. It’s the right thing to do and, as your partner, it’s our responsibility to assist you in making smart, informed and appropriate decisions.

Are we too picky? It’s not picky if it’s accurate!