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Check Engine Light on?

Most of us have had the dreaded check engine light come on while driving, and many people are confused as to exactly what this means and what they should do. Be careful not confuse the check engine light with the service required light or the maintenance light as these lights have a different meaning then […]

Fuel Savings Myths.

In researching for this article I found many common myths contradicted each other so I have stuck to the most certain, yet little known topics. Your engine should be warmed up before driving.  Truth is, running  the engine for one minute is more than sufficient before hitting the road,  any extra is just burning fuel, yet going […]

Four Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Four Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change An oil change should be a top priority for car owners looking to keep their engine in good running condition. Fortunately, getting an oil change costs little money in the grand scheme of car maintenance. The key, however, is knowing when your car is due for an […]

Are We Too Picky?

If you hear someone tell you that a repair shop always seems to find problems when they take their car in…that may not be a bad thing. We’re picky, and with good reason. That’s really what you hire us for anyway, isn’t it?, our attention to detail? Just imagine your doctor conveniently “missing” that lump […]

Save At The Pump

10 simple ways to save money on fuel for your vehicle 01. Keep consistent with regular maintenance – worn spark plugs, contaminated fluids, and dragging brakes are just a few variables that can affect your overall fuel economy. 02. Refrain from extended idle of your engine – rule of thumb, if you’re going to be […]

Road Trip Car Safety Kit

What should every car have in its safety kit? A case of bottled water A flag or other means of attracting attention Blanket or sleeping bag Extra clothing and footwear Emergency non-perishable food Candle in a deep tin Waterproof matches First aid kit Flashlight with extra batteries Fire extinguisher Booster cables Ice scraper & Snow […]

Environmental Commitment

Practices: We actively work as a professional automotive repair business to reduce our impact on the environment. This has been accomplished by using the recycling methods available and continuing to educate ourselves as well as our customers in this matter. This responsibility falls on all of us and should not be taken lightly. We recycle: […]

Top Ten Reasons You Don’t Want To…

TOP 10 REASONS YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO AN AUTO REPAIR SHOP THAT IS OPEN ON SATURDAYS! At the risk of getting confused with David Letterman, I wanted to share this list with you. 10. You have better things to do with your Saturdays than sit in an auto repair shop. 9. The right […]

Driving a Diesel?

Working on diesel trucks accounts for about 35% of the work we do here at Precision.  People buy a diesel for a reason, and the extra expense of the diesel engine option is an investment you need to protect. Precision Auto Service is the only shop in Langley to have the factory diagnostic tools for […]