Precision Auto Open


With everything that’s going on, we wanted you to know we are here to help. Our team wants help in any way, please give us a call 604-530-9394, text us at 604-239-3703  or

Our hours will remain the same, Monday through Friday from 8 to 5, depending on work load. We ask that you help us out by calling/texting ahead or going online to book appointments.

I wanted to inform you of our new procedures while under the “Stay at Home” orders are in effect to protect each of us.

1. If you prefer, you can park your car in front of the office, leave the keys in the ignition and just call or text us to discuss your needs. No need to enter the building.
2. For people at risk or under quarantine, we are happy to pick your car up, service it, even fill it with gas and return it clean and wiped down to help you out. When we return your car, it will be disinfected at touch-points before we lock it and leave you with the keys.
3. All our staff have been instructed to immediately report any symptoms that may be related to the virus and to stay home if in doubt. All staff are here voluntarily, want to serve, and are prompted with the opportunity to go home twice each day.
4. In our office he customer touch-points are wiped down several times a day. These include the counter-tops, door handles, credit card machine, etc.
5. We are wiping down the door handles, steering wheel, shifters and controls in every car before and after we work on it.
6. Our Technicians are wearing (and changing) their gloves during all operations on your vehicle.
7. Payments and communication can be done online, text or Interac e-transfer. Whichever you prefer.
8. You will be texted/emailed during the inspection process with a copy of our inspection and any photos/videos taken during that process.

Unfortunately, the customer area is only for drop off and pick up. We cannot have people waiting for service at this time.

Our customer shuttle service has been suspended for the duration, please ask for our vehicle pick and delivery service.

We’re doing everything we can to maintain a sort of normalcy to our routines in this time of crisis and help keep you on the road. If there is anything we can help you with, just let us know. As always, you are welcome to stop by at any time for us to check fluid levels, tire pressures, etc. Any questions you have, just let us know.

We want you to know we look after you and your car with the highest standards.