Sprinter Van Transmission Problems?

Like any well used vehicle, wear and tear parts are likely to start to have problems. Transmissions are one of the hardest worked parts of a vehicle. Many people take their sprinter vans to Transmission shops and of course… They recommend you get a new transmission!

Precision has actually had customers come in with Transmissions that wouldn’t shift properly, slipping, won’t engage, stuck shifters, shudder, and other transmission failures that did NOT need a replacement transmission.

Sometimes Transmission problems are intermittent and can seem like they might go away, but don’t wait.

Be careful who you allow under your hood! We love sprinter vans and hundreds of customers trust us to keep their vehicles on the road and running safely. Let us have a look and see if we can save you endless frustration and add years of life to your vehicle.

Considering a new or rebuilt transmission? We can source and install (or have your rebuilt) too.

Stop by and see us  or give us a call at 604-530-9394 with any concerns you may have.

We can help with any Mercedes Sprinter automatic transmission problems. Give us a call today.

sprinter van transmission problems