Is Your Sprinter Van in Limp Home Mode (LHM)?

Sprinter vans enter Limp Home Mode (LHM) is intended to limit the power available to the vehicle to allow you to operate the engine and keep driving but limit any damage to your engine and drive train.

There are various levels of LHM possible. The most severe form is where the transmission is limited to one forward gear (quite often 2nd gear) and reverse with engine speed/power dramatically reduced.

What causes it?

LHM can be caused by something simple like a plugged fuel filter, dirty air filter or mechanical turbo control linkage issue or possibly something more serious.

You will not be able to diagnose LHM mode yourself. Finding what’s causing the limited power requires the factory scan tool.

Precision Auto Service in Langley,  is the only shop in the Fraser Valley to have both the Dodge and Mercedes factory diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose the Check Engine Light or limp mode concerns.

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