Sprinter Won’t Start – Start Error

Sprinter vans that wont start exhibit a wide variety of symptoms. The dash might dim, it might produce the “start error’ on the dashboard instrument panel, or it might make a single click noise when turning the key.

Frequent causes of a Sprinter not starting can be the ignition module, wiring issues, the wireless control module or a failing starter.

Having the right diagnostic tools to check the the individual components and pinpoint the cause of the problem is important. The cost of replacing the wrong part can leave you with a non-start issue on the side of the road a second or third time and tow bills and lost work hours really add up.

Precision Auto Service in Langley,  is the only shop in the Fraser Valley to have both the Dodge and Mercedes factory diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose the Check Engine Light or limp mode concerns.

We see these issues all the time and we’re able to help get you back on the road.

If you’re sprinter is acting strange, give us a ring at 604-530-9394