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Fuel Savings Myths.

In researching for this article I found many common myths contradicted each other so I have stuck to the most certain, yet little known topics.

  1. Your engine should be warmed up before driving.  Truth is, running  the engine for one minute is more than sufficient before hitting the road,  any extra is just burning fuel, yet going nowhere.
  2. Shutting off your engine and re-starting it uses as much fuel as idling to 5 minutes.  Most modern cars use less than 30 seconds worth of fuel to re-start.  Anytime you can shut your engine off for a minute (like waiting for  a train) will save you money and cut a minutes worth of pollution from the air you are breathing.
  3. Aftermarket devices can improve your economy.  Modern cars run very efficiently, the only way to improve your fuel economy is to sacrifice something else, usually the amount of pollution your car produces will go  up with these devices as they can only work by “leaning out” the fuel mixture or altering the ignition timing and that raises Oxides of Nitrogen  emissions and can increase internal engine temperatures, causing damage.
  4. Air conditioning robs your fuel economy.  This one has some truth, at idle and low speeds your A/C can reduce economy, but at higher speeds, the difference is usually made up by the better aerodynamics from closing the windows to reduce the drag on your car.
  5. A dirty air filter will reduce fuel economy. Truth is, on any modern car, the air flow sensor measures the amount of air going into the engine, and will deliver the exact amount of fuel required for the air and fuel ratio to be balanced. This has been true for over 30 years, but most mechanics will not admit it.

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