Are you and your car summer road trip ready?

I know the weather has been less than stellar this year, and the rain seems to be a little relentless, but summer WILL come, and it will be here before we know it.  That also means time off and summer road trips!  So, what should we do to get our vehicles ready for some fun summer cruising and get away from home?

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Vehicle Preventive Maintenance:

Fluids – Make sure all your cars fluids are topped up and there are no leaks.  This includes your engine oil, transmission, brakes, power steering, coolant and a summer washer fluid (for the extra bugs).

Make sure you have plenty of water in the car – to drink as well.  It can get hot and it’s important to stay hydrated!

Tires – Please make sure the winters have been swapped for your Summer or All Seasons!  The winter tires are meant for cold, wet and icy conditions.  The summer ones are for the warmer weather and hotter roads.  By doing this you are guaranteeing a better, safer wear and use of your tires.  Don’t forget to check your tire pressure, including the spare!

Wiper Blades – Make sure your wiper blades are in good shape.  Your car can get pretty dirty and dusty and the bug level increases greatly, so having a good wipers to clean those windows is important.  You don’t want to push the dirt around, you want to clean it off!

Lights – make sure all your lights are working!

Air Conditioning and Heating – Definitely make sure these are working properly.  Having the air conditioning break down in hot weather is no fun!

Check your Brakes, Belts and Hoses – You don’t want any surprises!

Some Non-Maintenance items to remember Before You Leave:

-Make sure your trunk has a jack, lug wrench, and other tools you’ll need to change a tire.

-Pack a vehicle tool kit and additional emergency items including a flashlight with extra batteries, emergency reflectors and sunglasses, and water!

-Vehicle First Aid kit.

-Carry some essential road trip items for the car and keep all together in a box or bag. ie. TP, paper towel, moist wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion and sunscreen, lip balm, plastic bags, dental floss, lens cloth.

-Carry a spare set of keys.

-Make sure you have a copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, plus auto and medical insurance info.

-Depending on where you might be driving, carrying extra gas would be helpful.

-Plan your route, and leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or neighbor.

-Pack food, water, and fun activities for the car.

-Phone charger.