organize car trunk

Jackie’s Top Ten List For An Organized Car


“Organized” Junk in Your Trunk!      Hahahaha!


I don’t know about you, but I love to stay organized, I like to know where my things are, that I have what I need ( and might need), and I want to find them easily.  Yes, I realize there is a little OCD in there!

I am also happy to report that at least one of my two children have paid attention to my love of organizing, especially when she likes to clean organize car trunkher own room!  I’m impressed with her skills!

Not only do I like to have things in their place around the home, I also like to keep the car organized!  This is a much smaller space, and can get amazingly messy at times!

Whether it be for just the day to day driving or longer road trips, I believe there are items that are very handy to always keep in your car.  Whether it be for unforeseen emergencies, or just the basic items you use often,  you might not always need them, but boy are you happy to have them when you do!  There are also a variety of easy helpful ways to keep these items stay organized and neat (most of the time)!

  1. Garbage – Better contained in a garbage bag then scattered all over the car! I re-use small plastic bags and store them in the back pocket of the car seat or you can even store them in an old Kleenex box. I hang mine from the clip that covers the usb port, but another great idea is to use a Rubbermaid/plastic cereal box that has a flip top lid, add your plastic bag and now you have a contained garbage can!
  2. First Aid Kit – This is a must for every vehicle. There are small pre-made first aid kits you can buy, or you can create your own!  Find a plastic container with a lid and add your supplies: band aids, antiseptic, cotton balls, q-tips, tweezers, pain reliever, anti-histamine, antibiotic cream, gauze pads, tongue depressors, triangle bandage.Emergency supplies – Again, a plastic container, small cloth bag or even an old toilet kit are useful to store your items: Kleenex, wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, napkins, straws, lighter, bottle opener, flashlight, work gloves, emergency money, non-perishable snacks. A blanket, and in the summer, extra towels are always handy to have!
  3. Basic Essentials! I like to keep these close at hand so they are found in my centre console.  Space is small, keep it neat or you’ll be digging!  Small drawer organizers, purse inserts, small plastic cups, toilet paper rolls cut in half…these are all useful to keep everything in its own space!  My essentials include: notepad, pens, gum, hand lotion and hand sanitizer, floss, nail file and lip balm.

# 2 and 3 / A great way to store these is by using a container that fits all the items.  I use a rectangular canvas bag with handles that sits in the trunk.

4.Phone charger and battery back up charger.

5.Extra change sitting around can be kept neatly in a used gum container.

6.Plastic caddy’s. Great when on the go and ordering food. You can keep your food and drinks neatly in this instead of falling off your lap!  Useful to store kids supplies like pens and pencils, books and car games.  Use in the trunk to store cleaning items for the car, extra oil, washer fluid, window cleaner and cloths.