Environmental Commitment


We actively work as a professional automotive repair business to reduce our impact on the environment. This has been accomplished by using the recycling methods available and continuing to educate ourselves as well as our customers in this matter. This responsibility falls on all of us and should not be taken lightly.

We recycle: Antifreeze, oils, lubricants, air conditioning refrigerant, cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, glass, tires, oil filters and any other items allowed by local facilities.

We are a return centre for used automotive lubricating oils, filters, antifreeze, used plastic oil and antifreeze containers and all types of batteries.  We gladly accept liquids up to 20 Litres maximum, in sealed containers during business hours.

You may have heard some repair shops today use “recycled” oil.  While we don’t dispute the method or intention, we are not convinced it is a viable option for sophisticated modern engines like most cars have today. Rather, our waste oil is removed by a government certified hauler to be consumed as fuel in large industrial plants and therefore giving it new life and re-using it in a responsible way.

We use only new lubricating oils in all our engines, transmissions, drive axles, braking and power steering systems.  The use of new oils extends the components lifespan and therefore is the responsible thing to do.

We do use recycled engine antifreeze and coolants where the process is up to standards of the original equipment manufacturer of the vehicle it is going to be used in.  This is about two thirds of the coolant we use.

Automobiles are ‘mobile hazardous waste generators.’ They have in total a huge negative impact on the environment even when they’re sitting still, but certainly when they’re running and especially when they’re broken or neglected. So to the degree that we can change that, minimize that, and do it in a responsible way is one of our primary concerns on how we conduct business.


We have Langley’s most modern and environmentally friendly independent repair shop. We have lots of natural light, low E energy saving glass,  we employ window tint to keep cooling costs down,  and even though our building is less than 10 years old we have retrofitted our shop and office with LED and high efficiency fluorescent lighting. We have a built in water filtration system so no bottled drinking water is needed. We have no floor drains so no oils can escape to the groundwater and we perform an environmental self audit yearly.


We just purchased our first full electric vehicle as our shuttle and shop errand car and we also have a fleet of hybrid courtesy cars to run errands and shuttle customers to home  and office.

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