Since its introduction in 1994 to the latest version in 2010, the Powerstroke built by Navistar / International Harvester has been a frontrunner in technological firsts for the light duty diesel market.

Throttle by wire, HEUI injection and variable geometry turbo charging were some of the areas that Ford led the diesel revolution.

At Precision Auto Service, we have always stayed on top of the latest technology and that endeavor continues with the purchase of the Ford IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System).  The IDS is the Ford Factory diagnostic system and we are proud to be one of the few shops in all of Metro Vancouver who have invested in this technology.

In fact due to the technolgy being used in todays modern diesels, the use of the IDS is a requirement to properly diagnose and repair these engines. Many fixes for these engines require a software calibration update that requires a subscription to Fords database and the tooling (IDS) to perform the task.  Whithout this level of technology, the repair shop is left guessing about what is wrong with your truck and whether it is fixed properly or not.  Don’t let amateurs play with your investment without the propper tooling. Ask if they have invested in the IDS!

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