Our oil change maintenance plans includes a basic and a more complete oil change, alternating with every other service. Precision Auto Service has 100% Canadian Red Seal and ASE certified Auto Service Technicians and even our oil changes include service from our certified techs.

Prices start at $44.95 for most vehicles and from $89.95 for diesels.

Our Basic Oil Change Maintenance Service includes:oil_change

Perform Vehicle Road Test

Review vehicle maintenance schedule and service history

Install Quality Oil Filter

Install Premium Motor Oil

35 Point Visual Inspection Report including:

Test All Lights, Signals, Wiper and Horn Operation

Inspect Belts and Coolant Hoses

Inspect All Fluid Levels and Conditions

Test Engine Coolant pH and Freeze Point

Inspect steering and suspension for excessive wear

Inspect and Adjust Tire Pressures

Inspect Exhaust System

Measure Tire Tread Depth and Report

Inspect and Replace Air Filter (filter extra) When Required

Vacuum Vehicle Interior and Air Freshen

Detailed vehicle specific recommendations for future Services

Every Second Oil Change Maintenance we recommend:

Remove all four wheels – rotate tires as required

Inspect brakes, measure and document brake pad and shoe life and wear

Inspect brake calipers, wheel cylinders, operation and fluid condition

Inspect brake rotor and drum friction surfaces

Inspect hoses, lines, fluid reservoir and ABS components

Install wheels and torque to specifications