The Cummins diesel engine is legendary for its durability and performance and since Dodge introduced it in 1989 it has been  responsible for for the diesel revolution in light duty trucks.  Although it has been modernized many times over the years, it has stayed true to its heritage as a tried and true powerhouse.

Dodge was the first to offer a turbocharged, intercooled heavy duty diesel in a light duty truck and the others scrambled to follow.  As a leader, they did a good job picking an engine that would lead the way for several years.

The 12 valve, 24 valve and newly introduced 6.7 Litre all have unique characteristics that Precision Auto Service has the experience and technology to handle all their service needs.  As a Bosch Diesel Service Centre, we have access to training and information on this engines fuel system, right from the company who built it.

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