Hybrid Battery

Which DTC Trouble Codes can battery reconditioning help resolve?

Toyota Prius            Honda Civic/Insight
P0A80                           P1433 P1447
P3006                            P1449
P3017                            P1600
P3018                           P07AF

Before having your hybrid battery replaced, consider reconditioning. We offer Hybrid Automotive Prolong chargers and reconditioning exclusively to Metro Vancouver and British Columbia.

We offer hybrid battery reconditioning for most models, and it typically will cost about one quarter to one third what a new battery pack will.

We remove the battery pack from the car, test and replace any bad cells and then discharge and recharge the battery pack to equalize or balance the battery cells and install it back in your vehicle. We also install a wiring harness into the battery to enable future charging without battery removal.

This price includes battery balancing for the life of your car as long as it is performed every six months. This free service every six months will extend the warranty to the full two years.

If at any time during the next two years the battery fails we will credit the labour cost (usually around half of the overall reconditioning cost) towards buying a new original Equipment battery (we have found off the shelf rebuilt batteries other than original equipment to have very poor life expectancy and seldom recommend their use). We have found most people find this plan to be a cost effective alternative to buying a new battery from the new car dealer.

Here is a short video clip on describing the technology.