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Hybrid Maintenance: Gas and Electric Vehicle Care

Hybrid Maintenance: Gas and Electric Motor Care

When you bought your hybrid it might have been environmentalism that fueled your purchase or maybe it was the fuel savings and the lower long-term costs. Whatever the reason, an important step in hybrid ownership is knowing how to maintain the vehicle so it runs as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

Keep Your Regular Gas Engine Routine

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

A hybrid relies on both gas and electric power. The electric engine typically kicks in when the car is moving at low speeds or idling. Because it uses a gasoline engine, you need to keep your gas engine maintenance routine. Check and change your oil (usually synthetic), your fluids, filters, spark plugs and all the rest. You’ll notice that you have to change these things much less because the gasoline engine isn’t in use as much. Your car’s manual will let you know the suggested mileage for regular maintenance.


The reliance on electric power means that your battery is being used more, but there isn’t any special maintenance to be done on a regular basis. But you need to pay special attention to it if it malfunctions. New ones can cost upwards of $3000 without labor – and that’s down from the $8,000 they used to be. If you’re concerned that there may be something wrong with your battery, we can help!

Brakes Recoup Energy

A major selling points for a hybrid is their regenerative braking system. Gasoline engine brake systems need regular changing. Hybrids use regenerative technology for the braking system, thus last much longer. Exactly how long will be up to your model and driving habits. Check your brakes just as often, as the lack of use can create its own concerns, but expect them to last a long time.

Keep It Efficient

Hybrid cars work at their peak when their driven efficiently, and if you want to get the most out of your car then drive it efficiently. If you want to feel the powerful roar of an engine and get from A to B faster than anyone else, sell your hybrid. Hybrid cars are at their best when driven around the city.

Dealership or Hybrid Specialist Mechanic

When hybrid cars were new, many mechanics were hesitant to work on them. This left only one option: taking it to a dealer and that can be expensive. Today, owners have more options. Search your area and find out which specialists can service your vehicle.

Be Careful Under There

If you’re a bit of a tinkerer and enjoy the process of keeping your gasoline engine maintained by yourself, then make sure you understand what makes a hybrid different before you poke around. We strongly recommend you take your car into an specialist, since there’s many high-voltage components.

You don’t have to change your maintenance routine very much to accommodate a hybrid car, and in many cases, you must maintain the car much less. Keep your gasoline routine, watch your battery, drive it modestly and know the manufacturers’ maintenance schedule. This will keep your car humming along for years.