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Six Things To Do This School Year To Stay Safe On The Road

The obvious shopping trips have been happening, choosing a new backpack, pencils, paper, binders and books! You’ve made sure you have just the right back to school outfit and shoes for the little ones…. You’ve bought new dorm and apartment furniture for the kids heading off to university and college.  These things might be checked […]


July 31, 2017 • 0 Comments     If you’ve owned a car, you’ve probably purchased at least one set of tires in your lifetime.  At Precision Auto, we’ve helped countless people purchase, install and recycle tires over the years, which got us thinking, why not take your old tires home and have a little fun with them?  It […]


LET’S GET READY FOR SUMMER DRIVING Are you and your car summer road trip ready? I know the weather has been less than stellar this year, and the rain seems to be a little relentless, but summer WILL come, and it will be here before we know it.  That also means time off and summer […]

Twenty Years of Keeping Your Car Going Strong

20 Years of Keeping Your Car Going Strong   April marks 20 years since Scott Waddle started Precision Auto Service to offer a customer-oriented auto care option to Langley. This community-focused business grew out of Scott’s life-long passion for cars and still maintains his philosophy of “we worry about your car so you don’t have […]


There will be many times in your life that major milestones will come about. They can be personal, business related, history related, and they can bring on emotions of great pride and happiness or even be sad and thought provoking! 2017 will mark a big year of major milestones for me personally, for Precision Auto […]

Giving Back

We live, shop, and our kids go to school in the community that we work in, the community that we are business owners in.  We like to support “shop local” and support other local business owners…we like to give back! Throughout the year, we give back in many different ways, but at Christmas it is […]

Are We Too Picky?

If you hear someone tell you that a repair shop always seems to find problems when they take their car in…that may not be a bad thing. We’re picky, and with good reason. That’s really what you hire us for anyway, isn’t it?, our attention to detail? Just imagine your doctor conveniently “missing” that lump […]

Environmental Commitment

Practices: We actively work as a professional automotive repair business to reduce our impact on the environment. This has been accomplished by using the recycling methods available and continuing to educate ourselves as well as our customers in this matter. This responsibility falls on all of us and should not be taken lightly. We recycle: […]

Dear Neighbour

Does your repair shop seek to understand your needs and concerns? Does your repair shop exceed your expectations? Dear Neighbour, Hi! I’m Scott Waddle, one your neighbors in Langley and also the owner of Precision Auto Service, a family run business here in Murrayville. I’d like to share with you some of my values and […]